Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spoelstra Envisions 'Positionless' Lineup

Erik Spoelstra envisions a lineup of seemingly interchangeable parts.

“We want to get to a point where we are positionless,” Spoelstra said when asked to specify Ray Allen’s role with the Heat. “He’s a great complement to the champions we have.

“There are only a handful of players in this league that absolutely strike fear into their opponent. And Ray is one of those players. Hopefully, we can play faster.”
Allen is open to coming off the bench.

“Whatever is going to be best for me in this situation is going to figure itself out,” Allen said. “This team won a championship without me. I’m not going to come in and expect for coach to cater to who I am or what I do.

“I’m not trying to come here and win on my terms. Whether you start or come off the bench, the best compliment is who you finish the game up with.”

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